About in-home vaccines

This convenient and easy-to-schedule in-home vaccine program—the only one of its kind in Texas—allows you and your family to receive vaccines at home after scheduling an appointment through MyBSWHealth. In-home vaccine appointments are available:

  • Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Saturday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

All at-home vaccination appointments are based on availability. Multiple vaccines can be given at one time and multiple family members can receive vaccinations in the same appointment.

Available at-home vaccinations

We are currently able to provide the following vaccines at home as part of our in-home vaccine program:

  • COVID-19 (Moderna for ages 6-11 and Pfizer for ages 12+)
  • Hepatitis-B (ages 19-59)
  • Influenza (flu shot) (ages 3+)
  • Influenza, high-dose (ages 65+)
  • Meningococcal ACWY (ages 16-55)
  • Meningococcal B (ages 18-25)
  • Pneumococcal (ages 65+)
  • Shingles (ages 50+)
  • Tdap (ages 18+)

Looking for a vaccine not on this list? Check back regularly as we expand our services.

To schedule

To schedule  an in-home vaccine appointment:

  • Check availability in your area (enter zip code to verify)
  • Login to mybswhealth.com or create an account (less than 90 seconds).
  • Navigate to “Get Care”
  • Select “Schedule Now”
  • Select “In-home services”

You can also schedule an appointment by calling 1.833.466.3020 and speaking to the Enterprise Contact Center Team.

How does the in-home vaccine program work?

Once you schedule an at-home vaccination appointment through MyBSWHealth, a trusted medical professional will visit your home at a time that’s convenient for you, administer the vaccine(s) and record it in your medical records. You don't have to visit a healthcare facility or pharmacy to get the protection you need!

A unique part of the in-home vaccine program is you can schedule a visit for yourself and members of your family. We want to make it easy and convenient for you and your family to get this preventive care.


  • Who is eligible for in-home vaccines?

    To be eligible for an in-home vaccine you must be: 

    • 3 and older
    • Adults must have a MyBSWHealth account (can schedule for minor dependents)
    • Haven't had an adverse reaction to a vaccine previously
  • Where are in-home vaccines available?

    In-home vaccines are available in all of North Texas. You will be able to select your precise location during booking. 

  • How much does an in-home vaccine appointment cost? Will my insurance cover it? 

    In-home vaccine appointments will be billed to your insurance provider and any standard office visit copays will apply.

    Currently, Medicaid coverage is not available, and self-pay is not an option for this program.

  • Can I schedule in-home vaccines for the entire family?   

    Yes, you can schedule in-home vaccines for you and your dependents. Dependents can be linked in your MyBSWHealth account. 

  • Can I schedule a same day appointment and how long will the appointment take? 

    Currently, you can schedule appointments as soon as three days in advance to allow for scheduling logistics and required pre-registration activities. Appointments are quick and the certified medical assistant will remain for observation after administering the dose(s). 

  • How are multi-dose vaccines scheduled?  

    You will schedule a new appointment for each dose. Once you are eligible for your next dose (for multi series vaccines), please schedule your next appointment. 

  • Is Baylor Scott & White Health delivering this service, or is it provided by a third-party company?

    Baylor Scott & White has partnered with a trusted third-party vendor, Axle Health, for optimized scheduling and staffing services. The certified medical assistant, while employed by Axle Health, has been trained in all necessary Baylor Scott & White policies and procedures, and documents the vaccinations in your MyBSWHealth medical record.

  • Where can I learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations?

    You can learn more about COVID-19 vaccination options by visiting our COVID-19 vaccine page.  

  • I still have questions about scheduling in-home vaccines. What can I do?

    Please call 1.833.466.3020 for more information on scheduling an in-home vaccine.

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