Convenient care: 5 ways virtual appointments make your life easier

Navigating Healthcare

by Baylor Scott & White Health

Nov 15, 2023

Physically getting to the doctor when you’re sick or injured isn’t always easy. And sometimes, all you need is a quick consult, checkup or prescription refill. The good news is, virtual care makes it easy to get the same expert care through your smartphone, laptop or other device that you’d receive in-person at a doctor’s office—right from the comfort of your home or office.

It's your health, your journey, and virtual care is here to guide you every step of the way. If you’ve never given the virtual visit options in MyBSWHealth  a try, here’s five reasons why you should.

1. Get the care you need when you’re sick

When you’re not feeling well, it couldn’t be simpler to schedule an appointment to see a Baylor Scott & White Health provider in-person or virtually via a video visit o r eVisit. From back pain to mild or moderate COVID-19 and flu , to digestive issues, we’re ready when and where you need us. Through a virtual visit, a provider can help you get the treatment you need and prescribe medication, if necessary.

While not all symptoms or conditions can be treated virtually through an eVisit or video visit, you might be surprised at the long list of those that can, including:

  • COVID-19 screening
  • Cold, flu and allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Stomach/digestive/ issues
  • Minor eye conditions
  • Vaginal yeast infection
  • Bladder infection (UTI)
  • Minor headache
  • Sprains and strains

2. Keep up to date with your health appointments

Virtual care isn’t just for those acute care needs that pop up from time to time. For primary care and other routine visits, those can take place virtually, too. You can use MyBSWHealth to see your primary care provider or a specialist for normal office visits. If you can’t spare the time to go for a follow-up visit in person, a virtual care appointment will save you time and keep you up to date with your healthcare provider.

3. Convenient care at your fingertips

This almost goes without saying, but virtual care is just that. Virtual. So, when you’re feeling under the weather, you can hunker down at home rather than having to muster the strength to head to the doctor’s office. This is especially convenient when you or your child isn’t feeling up to it and you want to stay home with your family.

Virtual care also means you can get care from the office, while traveling or anywhere else you find yourself in need. During the busy holiday season, expert advice and compassionate care are easily accessible to you even if you’re far from home.

Virtual care is designed to fit your busy schedule and places the power of healthcare in your hands. You can schedule appointments at your convenience, so you can squeeze your visits in between meetings, classes, carpool schedules and all the other activities that can make staying on top of your care difficult.

4. You can get treatment quickly with virtual care

If you need care quickly, you may be able to schedule a same-day virtual appointment. Even for some specialties like dermatology, you can often get a virtual appointment within a matter of hours, so you can get connected with the health you need, fast.

With an eVisit, you complete a simple five-minute telehealth questionnaire about your symptoms and receive a response in less than an hour. It doesn’t get much faster than that.

5. MyBSWHealth: All your healthcare needs, all in one place

MyBSWHealth makes virtual care easy. Virtual care visits with Baylor Scott & White providers take place through the secure, user-friendly MyBSWHealth app or web portal. You can also use the app to message your provider, manage prescriptions, view test results, all from the privacy of your own home.

Get virtual care anytime with MyBSWHealth. All you have to do is download the app, create an account and log in. Get started here. 

We make it easy.

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