From the Mother: “We consider ourselves profoundly blessed to have been a part of this study”


by Jacob Sloan

Dec 4, 2017

On Friday, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas announced that a baby had been born to a mother who received a uterus transplant as part of a landmark clinical trial conducted over the past year and a half.

The patient and her family have asked for privacy at this time, but they did want to share the message below.

From the parents of the first child born following a uterine transplant in the United States:

“Last month, with the help of Baylor Scott & White, we were able to add a beautiful baby boy to our family after a successful uterine transplant. We consider ourselves profoundly blessed to have been a part of this study, and we are optimistic that this initial success will lead to many more in the future. We humbly hope that our little boy can serve as an inspiration to those struggling with infertility, and demonstrate throughout his life that no matter what obstacles are in your path, with the right team working beside you, anything is possible.”

For more information, contact the team at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

About the Author

Jacob is the former director of marketing technology and digital engagement for Baylor Scott & White Health.

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